Trik dan Cheat Poker | Hacker telah menemukan cara untuk mulus menipu di online poker


Hackers have found a way to cheat at online poker by using malware to take a screenshot of the player's hand '.

A report from ESET (via The Register) has unearthed practices, which have affected hundreds of players in the poker sites such as PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.

players malware infects a computer, taking screenshots of their hands, and then sends the unique ID of the player to the hacker. From here, the hacker can then find a player in the online poker room and play against them with knowledge of their hands.

ESET has detected malware since March 2015 in various forms. The newer version of the malware that have an increased ability to access other parts of the computer, such as passwords.

While hackers online poker tournament is rare, it is far from unprecedented, and there are very few online poker companies can do to prevent it, such as malware is usually contracted from an outside source, such as torrent download.